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Raw, trendy and artistic Katowice

Looking for a surprising city trip? Book a flight to Katowice and discover this trendy Polish city. Wander through the historical miners’ district of Nikiszowiec, visit the Cathedral of Christ the King and enjoy regional specialties in one of the many Polish restaurants.

Warehouses and street art

Not so long ago, Katowice was a gritty, industrial city. It has now undergone a total transformation with many old warehouses and factories being turned into trendy hot spots. Visit the Culture Zone, a cultural park built on the site of the former Katowice coalmine, where you can see a concert in the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR) concert building or go 14 metres underground while visiting the Silesian Museum. Katowice is also known for its street art. Wandering through the city, you will find some impressive murals. Not only is Katowice the ideal destination for weekend breaks, but it is also a perfect starting point for a longer vacation in Poland. Treat yourself: book a flight to Katowice now!

Book a flight to Katowice

From caves to beer gardens

Katowice is surrounded by stunning nature. Go for a mountain bike ride in the forests of Las Murckowski Nature Reserve just south of the city, or drive to Ojców National Park, which is full of deep caves, unusual rock formations and centuries-old castles. Once back in the city, end the day with a drink at the lively Mariacka street, where cosy cafés and vibrant beer gardens await you. Cheers!

Flights to Katowice

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