The craziest shopping centre in the world

It is no longer the largest shopping centre in the world − that title has belonged to The Dubai Mall since 2008 − but the Mall of the Emirates is definitely still the craziest shopping centre in the world. It has a ski slope, après-ski bar and ski chalets, hundreds of clothing stores and approximately 100 bars and restaurants. The mall is also home to two 5-star hotels, a theatre, a multiplex cinema and the largest Harvey Nichols outside of England.


Golden mobile phones and bottles of Chanel

Despite all of its special features, the Mall of the Emirates is first and foremost a shopping centre − and quite the lavish kind. The 3 storeys under a glass dome house 500 shops; half of the stores sell clothing, ranging from Chanel and Gucci to Gap and H&M. The mall is also home to Prada’s largest flagship store in the Middle East and the largest establishment of the famous British department store Harvey Nichols outside of London. The store offers a special selection of items adapted to the local market, including diamond purses, 24-carat gold mobile phones and one litre bottles of Chanel N°5 perfume. The largest Carrefour store outside of France is even bigger, measuring 18,580 square metres. If all this shopping makes you hungry or thirsty, just sit down at one of the many cafés and restaurants. From Arab to South African food and from fast food to haute cuisine, the options are endless. The most interesting establishment is restaurant Après, decorated in the style of an après-ski hut in the Alps − of course this is a very elegant après-ski hut, as we are in Dubai after all.

24 hours in the Mall

The Mall of the Emirates is not just a shopping mall, it is a shopping ‘resort`. Indoor amusement park Magic Planet has 2 floors of computer games, rides and disco bowling, a 543-seat theatre and a cinema with 14 screening rooms. There are so many attractions that it is impossible to see everything in one day. So why don’t you spend the night in the Sheraton and enjoy the spa and rooftop swimming pool? Or perhaps you prefer the Kempinski with its great view of the Burj Al Arab?

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