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28°C Jun

White sand beaches and colourful coral

Ready for some sun, sea and relaxation? Book a flight to Aruba and sip a tropical cocktail on a white sand beach. Go diving or snorkelling and explore the colourful underwater world that surrounds this Caribbean island. Pamper yourself with a stay in one of the luxury all-inclusive resorts on Palm Beach. Aruba is irresistible!

Dancing at sunset

Romance is in the air on Aruba, making the island a popular honeymoon destination. Stroll along the warm sand as the sun slowly sinks into the gentle ocean swell. Dance under the stars to the lively rhythms of salsa music. And for the ultimate romantic experience, book a full moon cruise. Aruba is the perfect destination for a romantic beach vacation in the Caribbean. Treat yourself: book a flight to Aruba now!

Book a flight to Aruba

Relax on the beach or explore the sea

The white sand beaches are perfect for relaxation, but more adventurous travellers will also find plenty to do on Aruba. Kitesurfing and sailing are two very popular activities. Or explore the world under the sea. Go snorkelling or diving and admire colourful coral, exotic tropical fish and several ship wrecks.

Flights to Aruba for a unique holiday

With our favourable flight times, comfortable seats and attentive personal service you will reach your destination with ease. KLM is working hard to achieve increasingly sustainable aviation. Would you like to help? Read more about the actions you can take to reduce the impact of your flight.

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Weather trends

Jun белые облака 28°C
Jul ясно 28°C
Aug ясно 28°C
Sept ясно 29°C
Oct сильные кратковременные дожди 29°C
Nov сильные кратковременные дожди 28°C
Dec белые облака 27°C
Jan белые облака 26°C
Feb белые облака 26°C
Mar белые облака 26°C
Apr белые облака 27°C
May белые облака 27°C

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